Join us for the fun of a social pub racing series!

At Empire Pub Series, we run for fun and we run for beer!  Every single one of the races in our series incorporates the delicious fermented brew in some form.  Not only that, but if you participate in 4 or more races in the series (and are registered!) you will earn official Empire Pub Series Gear!


Finish the Herald of Victory Marathon for a special bonus award!

Can't make all the races?  

That's ok!  We've got multiple prize levels - as long as you finish 4 races you are guaranteed an award.  Do 5 races? You get the 4-race award and the 5-race award!  Do all 6 for the highest level.  And don't forget about our bonus race!

Our 2016 Race Schedule:                

March 5 - Parade Day Mile​

March 12 - St. Pat's 4 Miler

March 27 - 43rd Annual Forks XV 15K Run

May 1 - Greater Binghamton Bridge Run (Half Marathon or 5k)

​July X - Parlor City 5k

August 7 - Kelly LaBare 5k

EArn official Empire pub series gear!


The more races in the series you participate in, the more free gear you get!

Free to Join!


Registration to the Empire Pub Series is completely free.  You just register on our registration page, then register for each of the races you can participate in individually.  Can't make all of them? That's ok!

Six official Pub Series races and one bonus! 

Come run the races you know you love and find some new ones while earning awards along the way!

Love Beer?